Our library will delve into the lives of the best and most interesting horses and people in our sport. Please tell us whom we should include...and check back soon.


Learn about the lives and careers of some of the very best racehorses of the past 50 years – how they developed and how they won our hearts with their grace and courage.

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The life of a steeplechase rider is not an easy one. These men and women have chosen an uncertain and dangerous way to make a living, but they thrive on the adrenaline. We will explore the competitive drive of the best in the business.

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These are the people who pay the bills, and often wait years and years for that one ‘good horse’ that will justify the expense and frustration that are just part of the business of owning racehorses.  They make the most important decision of all – who will train their horses.  Their thrill of victory is worth all the agonies of defeat.

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In racing we often hear that good horses make good trainers; the reverse is also true.  Without the patience and knowledge of these wonderful horsemen, many horses would have languished in obscurity, and we would not have seen them fulfill their potential.

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